This course teaches you how to develop a connection directly to source energy and

 become more conciously aware of yourself as a spiritual being in a human body. 

Learn how these steps will open a window for your own divine potential and move you

toward enlightment as you begin to practice looking further outside the fish bowl.

Begin to be able to access the power to be transformed into a more joyful, enlightened, aware individual, experiencing more inner and outer peace and harmony.

This course is an ongoing more advanced course for those who have already been on their 

spiritual path for awhile, have established a meditation practice already and wish to

expand their awareness and connect more fully to their source energy.

It has the potential to be an experiencial and existential journey.

Come out for an introductory experiencial information class to see if this is something

 you would like to be an ongoing part of to deepen your relationship with Source energy.

 A deep guided meditation will be included.

Cost for this introductory class will be $22. for the evening.

The date for the next introductory class will be announced soon.