Conscious Awareness Meditation Workshop

This inspirational and interactive workshop is for anyone who feels called to learn about meditation and its many benefits

This type of meditation helps to open you up to 'who you really are'.

It assists you in accessing your own  intuitive inner wisdom and your connection to your higher self. 



Some of the benefits of learning to meditate are,

          -reducing stress and stress reactions

          -increasing focus and clarity

          -lowering blood pressure

          -problem solving

          - finding inner peace 

          - connecting to your intuitive inner wisdom

          - greater confidence


This is done through:

          -breathing and relaxation techniques

          -creating inner and outer space for meditation to take place

          -learning how to still the mind

          - learning how to connect to your intuitive inner wisdom

          -guided imagery and visualization

          -gifting yourself with the time to practice

 After this workshop you may attend an ongoing practice group that I facilitate.