Violet assists people in discovering their own inner wisdom.  She does this as a transformation catalyst, spiritual mentor, educator, meditation teacher, energy healer.  She intuitively uses many modalities in her practice depending on the needs of her clients. 

Violet provides guidance in assisting others to claim their heritage of becoming a fully aware divine human being.

Violet is able to assist clients in discovering the beliefs that hold them back from living life joyfully and with purpose.

Violet has taught classes in spiritual, intuitive development, and has done energy healing for almost 20 years.

She facilitates a monthly 'Lightworkers Gathering' which is a supportive, informative, ongoing spiritual growth and working group of energy healing practitioners and others who have been on their spiritual journey for many years.


AGHP(Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner)

IET(Integrated Energy Therapist)

Reiki Master

BioGenesis Practitioner

Sound Healer

Colour Therapist

Therapeutic Touch

As well, she has studied spiritual development and meditation for over 30 years from various spiritual teachers and mentors and  also learned from workshops and seminars given by the following masters,

Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks), Carolyn Myss, Eric Pearl, Masuro Emoto, Doreen Virtue, Sylvia Brown, Adam the Dreamhealer, and Kryon(Lee Carrol).

In 2008 she had the honour of being a participant at  the "World congress on Peace and Illumination" hosted by 'New Age study of Humanity's Purpose' (www.eraofpeace.org) (Patti Diane Cota-Robles) In Lake Louise, Alberta.

"When I enrolled in my first Mediation session with Violet over a decade ago, I never imagined it would be the beginning of my spiritual journey.  Through Violet I was lead onto my enlightened path to be the Lightworker I was destined to be.  She is a very gifted Mentor and able to guide anyone into the light. 

Thank you Violet!"  -  H.S.

"  I am so grateful to have Violet in my life. She is not only a dear friend but a wise and generous counselor and teacher. She has graciously and intuitively guided me whether I knew I needed it or not. Her gifts are many and she shares them with love and kindness. She has created a soulful space for light workers with her vision to help this planet and I am honoured to be part of it."  -  I.M.

"I am grateful to Violet who really helped me open myself to a world of possibilities and opportunities.  Her gentle support and unconditional love lifted my spirit and lead me on a path of self discovery."  -  P.D.

"I am continually astounded at the gravitational pull Violet has for those who seek counsel.  Those looking for enlightenment are attracted to her like a compass destined for true North.   Her spiritual expertise combined with her compassionate understanding make for a truly extraordinary combination"  -  D.C.

"Violet is one of those people who has an extraordinary gift of being able to listen for the true spirit of who one is.  With gentle guiding and intuitive patience, she knows just the right questions to ask, to help you call forth your own internal wisdom and your own answers... a true gift indeed!"  -  I.K.

"Violet was recommended to me when I had reached a profoundly dark place in my life. I was skeptical until our first meeting. And where others had failed, she was able to help me discover/recognize the root of the problem and find a path out of the darkness. To this day, if I feel uncertain, I rely on what I learned from Violet to transform fear into strength. She has that rare ability to not only “listen”, but also to “hear”. I am forever grateful." - BLM